Catmosphere is the best café ever!

Wow, its been a long time since I blogged.  But I have to tell you about this amazing place we went to.



Okay I am just going to come out and say it. I LOVE CATS!! Cats are adorable little furry creatures!! I love them!! Even though my mom won’t ever let me have one (all I need is a kitten, mom). I will always want a kitten, actually will want 2.

So there is a really awesome place called Catmosphere in Chaing Mai, Thailand, and it is a cat café with about 17 cats running around. It is space themed with planets painted on the walls and most cats had star wars and space names like Luke, Vader, and Luna etc. Before you enter the cafe you have to wash and disinfect your hands then put on slippers. They sure want to keep their cats healthy.

Lots of cats were sleeping or just lazy. There is one little kitten named Phoebe who was so playful and love a single toy compared to the rest of the toys.  She was my favorite cat there. I don’t know what kind she was but she was cute and playful.  We were there 2 hours and every time my mom said “Okay lets go” I refused and said “NO”, because I just couldn’t leave them. There was cool posters with cats imitating characters from Star Wars movies.  It made me laugh!  In my opinion, Catmosphere is a good place for a cat lover like me to spend the afternoon.


Summer Camp in Spain

Occurred week of July 7, 2014

Last week I went to a camp and my brother went to a different camp called Diverbo.  Anyways, I went to a camp and while I was there I went kayaking in the Mediterranean Sea, swimming, tennis and ping pong. I met lots of people from all over the world. They were very nice.  One of the camp counselors came and dumped a big water bottle on us.  While we were still wet we decided to run into the sprinklers in a soccer field when they came on. It was super fun!!  At the camp there were jump ropes, hula hoops, and stuff for crafts, costumes, balls and plastic food.  My favorite part was hanging out with people I just met.




Walked the Camino June 17-24th, 2014

I walked the Camino [well sort of I walked only the last 111 km of it]!!! Just so you know it was very hard but it was worth it! Anyways we made it. All you need is a bag with the stuff you need like a water bottle, money, a shell, clothes, sunscreen, camera, a jacket and a hat. WARNING: if you decide to try to walk the Camino BEWARE of the cow patties and REMEMER your feet WILL hurt. But you will see lots of amazing sites and it will be fun, in the morning it is nice and cool, in the afternoon it is very hot!
WEATHER: The weather on the Camino is foggy and cold in the morning. In the afternoon when the fog has lifted and it is clear it is very hot.
ANIMALS: The animals I saw there were birds, cats, dogs, sheep, pigs, snails, horses and many cows.
STOPS ALONG THE WAY: There are many shops and restaurants along the way they sell stuff like walking sticks, chips, fruit, gum, key chains and so on. There are unmanned tables set up along the way that for a small donation you can get  fruit and coffee, juice and pastries.
HOSTELS: the hotels along the way are like 10 euros per person. There are a lot of hotels and stuff.
If you decide to try it you will see LOTS OF AWESOME THINGS. All of The Camino is about a month long. And there is almost 800 km in the Camino. There is also a movie about the Camino and it is called The Way. It is about a man that’s son died on the Camino. When his father heard he went to Spain and he took his son’s ashes and took his bag en and finished the Camino every time he got to a marker he stopped and put a little bit of his son’s ashes and put it beside the marker and he always saw his son’s spirit. He met a lot of people on the Camino. If you do the Camino you should have a reason. The Camino leads to Santiago then you go to the church and if you are lucky you can see them swing the botafumeiro it is a metal thing they fill with incense then they just SWING IT ACROSS THE CHURCH. IT IS SOOO COOL!!!!!!

A Few Good Questions….

What did you first think when Mom and Dad told you we were going on a year long trip?     I was very excited.
What do you think about missing a year of school?    I can’t wait.
What will you miss most while away?   My friends.
What are you most looking forward to doing?    Sleeping on the Great Wall of China with Noah.
What are you most looking forward to seeing?   Seeing baby turtles and having fun in a different country.
Will you miss being away from home at Christmas time?    Yes, I will miss being away for Christmas because I was sick this last Christmas missed everything.
Is there anything you are worried about?    Yes, getting lost.
How many countries would you like to get to?    At least 9 or 10.
Are you looking forward to having conversations in French?    Yes I am.


Hey, it’s Aurora. I started a blog about our trip. I’m so excited. I really hope to learn about the countries that I go to and what languages they speak there. I hope my friends will follow me. I hope you do to! 🙂